Welcome to TCCS!

There's no better way to learn about TCCS than by joining us for Sunday worship. Below you'll find several pieces of info to help you make the most of your first visit. 


What Time?

Sunday Gathering Times

8:45 AM Sunday School

                Toddler - Adult classes in the CE Building

10:00 AM Worship Service 

                (Nursery care for ages 5 and under after   

                  the offering in the CE Building)

What is a service like?

TCCS is a historic church that strives to be multi-generational in our approach to worship. Our goal for worship is to have the 8 year old and the 80 year old come and encounter Christ and grow in Christ so that together we may glorify God on the frontlines of our lives (wherever we live, work, or play). 

As a multi-generational church, we utilize everything from praise music written this year to Historic Hymns that have been sung for almost 2000 years, and we take time to engage with one another, engage in serious prayer, and engage with God's Holy Word. 

For Teaching, you can expect energetic, passionate, Christ centered preaching that holds up the Gospel and is marked by just a hint of humor.  We strive for messages that are expository, which means they are well rooted in the Biblical text, and the heart of the passage is the heart of the message.  

If you have one, you’re encouraged to bring a Bible in print or on your mobile device. We'd love to offer you a free Bible if you have none. 


What Should I Wear?

It's hard not to blend in at TCCS.

When it comes to the regulars, there's not really a predominant style. On an average Sunday you tend to see a lot of jeans and a lot of business casual. 

Our advice is simple:

Wear whatever is comfortable to you.

Jeans, shorts, flip flops, boots, wingtips, your call. Whatever is comfortable for you.


 We have plenty of parking available at our location, adjacent to the church - between the Church and the Town Library. If you are headed North on Route 85, the entrance is immediately AFTER the Church on your right. If you are headed South on Route 85, the entrance is immediately BEFORE the Church on your left.  

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